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'29 ''T'' Rod


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This Lindberg '29 is being built right from the box, only thing besides painting the kit is I removed every seam and ejector mark except a few on the chrome windshield frame DSC06001

 The tires and rear tank are 2pc so they were glued and split seam removed. On the tires the slicks are the same size as the ''Competition and Custom ''slick set, and parts box front tires can be used but I chose kit parts only. The rear tank is huge and should be cut down, looks like a 50 gallon tank:D.Only painting left are wheels [ RED ]  add whitewall to tires and seat.

Chrome thumbtacks would work well and look nice on this kit but kit parts only DSC06002DSC06001DSC06000DSC06003

Paint is all semi-glosses or flats, some parts had chrome removed and painted [headers] I chose to build this just to do something that didnt need . putty,, chopping,, sawing ,,.other kits,, resin  and a book of new curse words..DSC06007

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Good ol' Lindberg!

No such thing as a '29 T. Ford made the last T's in 1927m a 29 would be a model A.

I do like this kit, I plan to do mine with the Ansen equipped A motor fro Revells RPU.

It's a simple kit, but sort of appealing.

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