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Krusty Kuda - Finished!


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For some reason I always seem to start with the wheels and tires, and go from there. Found this stuff in my parts bins and got to work on the fronts.

Trimmed out the center rib to fit the wheels in (IIRC these are the old MRC keystones) works well because I only had two, and they were different widths. Although the same on the front side.

Had to address the depth issue now

Few minutes on the lathe and I was good to go

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For the rear I grabbed the rear slicks from the round2 reissue of the Jawbreaker dragster, a set of modelhaus steel wheels and some parts box wheel backs. I think they are AMT NASCAR wheel backs. I got lucky and they all work well with the stock axle and drums. I will just have to move the spring perches.


A little trimming and I should be good


last mockup for the night 


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  That looks like it will be a fun and very

cool build there.

  I did a '74 like that not too long ago.

My build was just a curb-side build though!

   I will enjoy watching your adventure in

styrene supreme. Gassers are so cool!!


    David S.



11-05-11 74 Cuda build.jpg

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Got some work done today, started by mocking up the front axle from the 53 Chevy sedan delivery kit. I swear I spent 30 minutes just cleaning that part up, I should have probably looked for something else. But it works.. I also cut out the area in the rear wheel well that is hitting the slicks. 

while I was at it I opened that rear wheel opening just a bit too.

Really starting to like the stance 


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