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2010 Challenger R/T


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This one is a special project, with two friends, we got together and each one of us had to build a kit in one day. I chose the AMT 2010 Challenger R/T. The two friends had a Porsche (Tamiya) and a Ferrari (Revell), all curbside kits. The rules were simple, start a new kit, do the best we can with what we have and the time we have, and it must be finished the same day. We started around 9 in the morning and we all finished about the same time, around 8PM.

So here's my Challenger, box stock, paint is Model Master Ultraviolet (rattlecan) and automotive two part urethane clear (airbrush)

There were fit problems, goofs, some bad words were used, and we had lotsa fun! :lol:

Special thanks to our 3 food dehydrators, which we abused all day long for curing paint and glue :P

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You can see them in the first pic, it was late when we finished yesterday (we had to drive back home...) so we had no time to take better pics of the cars. I took those pictures of my Challenger this morning, and I don't have the other models here with me :)

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