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2015 ReBuild

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I haven't been on this forum for a very long time. It's been one crazy and wild year, a lot of life-changing events. Anyway, I made about 5 models back in 2014 with 2 unfinished ones. I was not completely happy with the way that they turned out, so I decided to tear them down as much as I could and rebuild them to my satisfaction in 2015. I rebuilt the Camaro Concept, Magnum, and Wrangler through April - June 2015. Just in these past few weeks, when school was finally over for holidays and life was beginning to get back to somewhat normal, I rebuilt the Ram, Chevelle, GTO, and Camaro Baldwin Motion. Even though they were started in 2014, I made some pretty dramatic changes to them in 2015 (such as actually cutting up the roof on the Camaro Concept to make a real T-top), and I hope that is alright. Well, here they are:










Thank you very much, and have a happy holiday.


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You got quite a bit done. Not bad.

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what I like about them is the way you modify them with what you got to work with

some of us have been in the hobby for so long, we have boxes and boxes of parts, and so we would never think to build side view mirrors out of spruce (if you were to touch up the chrome with some silver paint I might not have even been able to tell that's what it is)

the paint on the Baldwin looks way better then the paint on the GTO, looks like your getting the hang of that too

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Thanks all for the nice replies!


I thought it would be innovative to make mirrors out of sprue and I am glad you liked it. The GTO originally came molded in orange, but I wanted it to be brown/gold like the box art and hand painted it with Testor's acrylic which has worked out well before but as you can see in this case not as much. I first put on a base coat of yellow, then added about 4 - 5 layers of metallic gold and the colour came out very unique-looking; to the eye the body looks like a piece of wood that was stained. After that happened I took a break from building and since coming back have tried to replicate the same colour tone but cannot so decided to leave it as it is, a uniquely yet-oddly coloured body. The Baldwin Motion came molded in dark green but I wanted it to be silver, and from just experiencing what happened to the GTO, I decided to spray paint instead of using a paint brush. Actually did it a couple of weeks ago outside in minus Celsius weather and had light snow coming down but turned out alright after 3 coats.


Glad you all enjoyed it! Diligently working on my next model which should be on here soon.

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