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Hasegawa 1/24 Honda Civic EG

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Hi all,

Recently someone drove it to the back of my van so I've had a month of worth, during that time I seem to have found a rather addictive new hobby of building up cars. Here is my first attempt at building up a Hasegawa 1/24 Honda Civic, this is based on a car I used to own and wish I never sold, Still got some details to finish and been a massive learning curve. Made a few mistakes and would do things a different way next time in places but the next one has arrived today so will know for next time. 

The wheels arrived in chrome which mine never were so these were going to need to be changed 

I used Halfords plastic primer as I was going to be using automotive paint to get the best colour match

Lot of bits for me to start on, everything got a first coat before removing it from the sprue

Ended up buying about 3 paints originally but went back for a rather few more!

Final Prime on the wheels

Floorpan all primed for paint. 

first coat down

Mirrors have been primed as using automotive paint on these. 


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Got the body shell out of the packaging to find it had snapped on the A pillar on the left hand side, thankfully managed to glue it back and keep it looking ok. 

Final coat of NH575M on the floor pan, was really chuffed with the finish on this part

Time for the detailing on the floor pan now 

Body shell repair done and first coat of plastic primer

Originally I painted the fuel tank with a brush and it looked awful! I ended rubbing it back down and went and purchased some black spray paint

Body all prepared and rubbed down with 2500 grit ready for top coat

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First coat down, in hindsight it was to heavy a coat for first one.

It was all flattened back then ready for stage 2 

Much happier with the fuel tank now!

Ok time for the wheels to get first coat, done in Honda NH-0 Championship White

Unfortunately I got a bit carried away and put my thumb on the wet top coat, had to rub back down and go back a stage!

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Final details now on the floorpan 

Wheels now have had top and and laquer finish. Only a small amount left on these now

Body shell is getting there now, I ended up deciding now to put laquer on top and was worried how it may have come out. Paint seems to come out well with a polish but is darker than I was expecting. I think this is possibly down to all my car photos been taken out side and these being taken on the dining room table where natural light is poor. If anyone else has other opinions why it has come out darker please let me know :)

Brakes all on

Wheels added on as well now, starting to resemble a car at last!

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Quick check fit, all seems good minus the details

Hard to see but the lower lip is now black, have also done first coat of chrome for light units

Interior on mine was a very drab grey plastic so not so much to do inside

All important red H!

Annoyingly the kit did not come with window masks so i had to make my own, came out ok although would prefer a way of not seeing the brush marks! Also had to cut a whole in the top of the glass to get it to fit flush with the body as where it came out the mould I could not remove all the tab, took me about 2 1/2 hours to remove that little square without cracking the rest of it!

Painted the window frames now

This is where I am currently, still a few bits to complete in the next few days

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I had the U.S. version Si. You appear to be doing a great job!

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