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1971 Chevelle mild & wild MPC 1970s -- -- 1968 Coronet super B convertible RT Dodge by MPC 1970s

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I've seen these go for crazy amounts in the ebay completed auction. Anybody know about how much they are worth? The coronet looks to be about 400 cad according to they ebay auctions? And the chevelle looks to be about 130 cad? I've got a chance to buy these and want to know that I'm not getting ripped off.


i just read that it'll be impossible for mpc to make another 1968 coronet kit because they updated their moulds for their 1969 coronet and then their 1970 coronet.

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Not enough to recommend a price.

The market will bear what the market will bear.

All I can tell you is that I bought a disassembled built up '69 Coronet about a year ago for about $100.00!

They do not come cheap!

If you don't mind resin, it may be the more economical choice.



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I read that the 69 was made from the modifiedcmold of the 68. So does that make the 68 less common?

Thats the story . I have been after a clean 68 coronet rt builtup for some time. (already have  clean 69 hardtop builder and a done 68 RT convertible builtup ) 

But a  68 will easily outsell the 69 by quite a bit.

At one time a dead mint unbuilt 68 would easily pull $400 US, Now I rarely see them over $250-300 range ( there are exceptions )

Yet a clean builtup will pull a $75 to $100 almost every time


The original issue 1970, will struggle to bring $30 now


the Chevlle I have no idea as its not something I look for

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...its like all else....what will you pay for it.........and like Bill says, a 68 Coronet trumps the 69 in value and interest by far. keep in mind,  even back in the mid 80s, a mint in box 68 coronet would bring 100 to 125 easily, and remember, that's over 30 years ago, when , for example, a MPC  72 Firebird 400 Royal super stock annual would fetch 25-30 bucks on a good day...see what I'm getting at.....the 71 chevelle ss , in my opinion, is about a hundred buck kit, but if you really want it, guess its worth what you want to pay. the AMT annual is much nicer, IMO,  but that's just  my thoughts. I have had 3 68 Coronets thru the years, once new in 1968, then another I sold in the 80s, and the last one factory sealed that I opened and built in the late 90s. point I'm making is, that particular kit has a magnetic draw to all of us that had one in 1968, and the disease was never cured thru the years,,,,,lol....its just one of those cars and kits that guys such as us just have to have, and one that triggers so many great memories and all that good stuff...............that's my 2 cents..............the Ace..............^_^

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Just for perspective, there are 2 '68s & 3 '69s for sale on ebay right now.

A nice built '68 starting @ $79.99

An unbuilt but started '68 starting @ $199.99.

2 built '69s, one starting @ $129.99, the other with a cut open hood has 6 bids & is at $27.66 with 3 days left. I suspect it will go much higher.

The last is a MIB '69 with a best offer price of $399.99.

The first '68 would be a great price......if it stayed @ that price.......Which it won't! ^_^



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