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71 Ford 4x4 "The Skidder" (New Pics Added)

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Back in the day we used to name our trucks. My 79 Ford was called "No Problem". My friend's Chevrolet was "The Skidder". I think that since that was over 20 years ago that I can safely use that name. So here is my version of the "Skidder"

This began with the Moebius kit. The cab and hood were warped pretty bad, but it came out pretty good. It has a 6v-71 Detroit Diesel engine with twin turbos, Allison Transmission, Dana axels, and more than I can remember to list. A special thanks to mikemodeler for the tires! A special thanks also to Fat Brian who fixed me up with the winch bumper and roll bar, and bismarck for decals.














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Tom: Thanks for the kind words. I'm a Detroit man too. I am trying to imagine what this thing would sound like coming down the road. Detroit + straight pipes + twin turbos + Swampers =??!!??!!!!. LOUD!!

Mike (mikemodeler): Thanks so much! It wouldn't have been the same without your help.

Mike (Maindrian Pace): Thanks for the compliment, it pales next to your 77 though.

Terry: Thanks, and thanks for the encouragement along the way!

Cliff: Thanks for the kind words!

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