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Grandpoppa K-Wopper 123

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This my fellow modelers is the oldest truck in my collection. It is the big brother to the Pete 352 that I last featured here. This original AMT T-520 kit was purchased back in 1978 from a department store clearance rack. I built the frame and engine but never got around to painting anything, anyway I eventually lost interest and decided to box it up and put it in my closet. There is where this truck sat until the late 90's when I was between builds at the time. I painted the frame, engine, and a few other related items, and then put the kit in my "to build" stash where it sat until about 2004 when I decided to finally finish it. The trailer was added a few years ago to finally complete the build. Thanks for looking!2016-01-25_11.28.22.thumb.jpg.d0a37bc19a2016-01-25_11.31.00.thumb.jpg.3ca9242d4f2016-01-25_11.35.33.thumb.jpg.72a3ca78d12016-01-25_11.40.36.thumb.jpg.da8909584d2016-01-25_11.42.23.thumb.jpg.33af5b31152016-01-25_11.44.59.thumb.jpg.835e094931

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Now, that's a GREAT looking truck, my friend.....She's a beauty.....I like everything about it....Trailer looks pretty awesome, too....It looks right at home on the back of that thing......Man, this looks good....What a build....

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