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Holy Moly 41!


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Let's start this off nice and simple.

This is a kit bash project with no deadline, just some creativity that needs letting out.

We start with a revell 32 ford coupe body that ive cut the back end, I need to find a pickup donor body to seal up the back of the body how I want it. The interior is going to have a flat floor plan as this is not a traditional front engine rod. A custom chassis with a lot of careful planning is being built for this too.






So to the powerplant. A quadcam 426 hemi with supercharger and a transaxle gearbox....do I have to say any more? :)




So the parts list.

Body - revell 32 ford coupe

Engine - amt 70 coronet/superbee

Supercharger - revell 69 superbee

Transaxle - revell ferrari enzo

Front fenders - tamiya lotus 7 


All the other parts for this build are either coming from these kits, aftermarket or being custom made.

Im waiting on some pro street tyres for the back end, also the sectioned front grill it going to smoothed as there will be nothing for it to cool (if it was real) in the front. I am having thoughts of a nice suitable spoiler for the back, again this will probably be another donor piece, thinking of a cuda spoiler.



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Slight change of plans, the concept of the build is the same and so is pretty much everything else but ive bought a kit to simply use just the body haha, the front grill will still be the 32 ford grill sectioned. Now im just waiting on delivery, in the meantime I will mock up the engine mounting as I can't do much else without the body.

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Thanks for the suggestion bud but the whole reason for using the enzo transaxle is so I can use the entire suspension setup too just to make it a little easier. It will be the enzo front and rear setup with a custom chassis joining it all.

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Kit came in by courier this morning so did a little mockup, the rear track is wider than expected but I might just make it work and perhaps make some flares for the front wings to allow for a slightly wider front track but il have to get some white glue out, fix bits together and see what needs alteration. 

I had some wheels laying around from a diecast model which has just been stored for a few years but they're ideal for this build, for the rears ive used the same wheels but ive placed in inside a bigger rim and its fits snug. The ride height is only for the mockup, once together it will sit a bit lower.

Now I gotta go to work so next update will be tomorrow.

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