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'30 Tudor spare parts Altered


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A little spring project, because starting new builds is more fun than finishing old ones :D *EDIT* It's going to be an altered now.

Ebay parts-lot warped body, hogged-out 1/43 semi tires on the front with AMT 55 Nomad wheels, Double Dragster front radius rods, scratchbuilt rear ladder bars (will be drilled to match the fronts), AMT 56 Ford rearend, AMT 62 Impala 409 engine with offenhauser valve covers, AMT parts-pack blower and injectors with AMT 57 corvette gasser front cover, manifold, and fuel pump. Roll bar is sprue, seat is modified NASCAR piece.

Bear with me as I've been having problems linking from Photobucket and the "edit" feature doesn't seem to function on this forum :P






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change in build style
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Thanks for the comments folks :) After some thought, I've realized this thing needs to be an Altered rather than a gasser. So I'll be ditching the headlights...and it now has more dramatic engine setback and a moon tank in the empty grille shell. The front of the engine will come down a little after I modify the cradle to fit the frame better in its new location.

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