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Model King / Moebius Joe Weatherly '61 Catalina

S. Svendsen

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That looks great, but it's going to take some work to make it look like this!

But making a nice clean one from the start of the season should be a piece of cake.  


I spent about ten minutes searching and come up with some other paint schemes.  (Not my pics)  The decal makers will have a blast with this kit!

Here's Junior.

The Silver Fox

I'll post a few more in a couple of minutes.


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 This kit should be a blast to bash up NASCAR cars with.  I wonder how much of the running gear would mate up to '61 and '62 Chevies, and the '62 Pontiacs.  I am really looking forward to seeing what drag versions of the Pontiacs they produce.  There were a lot of Venturas and Catalinas running NHRA too.  The Moebius Pontiac may be the Swiss army knife of model kit tools.  Those cars did everything.  They raced oval and drag.  They were nice grocery getters, and they made sweet customs and street machines as the '60s went on.  Hopefully we get a few more versions.  


Here are a couple more shots from my short search.  There are some neat ideas for somebody with the capabilities to make decals.


Here's the car from the first post with a different driver.  NASCAR never changes in that respect do they?  (Some NASCAR cars need to be fitted with a revolving door)


There!  That should make it hard to wait for "summerish" to get here!  Happy Pontiac dreaming!

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James, I kinda doubt they fix that. It would involve quite a bit of tooling change to redo those window channels, not to mention new tooling for glass as you'd have to change the trim, depth, etc.

It's a bit tedious, but if you've never seen it-------I did a tutorial here on how to get the glass to fit and definitely improve the overall appearance of it. 

Looks like on the Mercury Comet kit the glass fits better with the method they're using. I guess they read the complaints here and made that step not so hair pulling.

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