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Mack Superliner " Australian Road Train "

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Hi everyone,

The construction has lasted 3 years, the trailers are difficult to have. In the Mack all logos are photo-etched because Italeri has no license. I have installed 2 auxiliary tanks and other rear fenders made of aluminum.
To photograph a road train was a real challenge because of the length: 1.72m

Greeting Jan

















and so the Road Train has found its place:




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Beautiful. It is a good thing you have three cabinets in a row to put it on.Almost had to put an addition on the house.:D All kidding aside, it is vvery, very nice.

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Ah!! Look at that! Very nice, you have built one of my dreams:D
The first truck model kit I buil was in 1998 and it was Revells version of the Peterbilt 377 and on the back of the box was a picture of the road train trailer and also the road train Kenworth. I have ever since wanted to build one like that but have never been able to by all the trailers that are needed. Funny thing is that I have also wanted to build it with the Mack Superliner and use the sleeper from the Kenworth kit. You have done a very good job on it and I wish I could see it live :)

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        That is one very fine looking rig. And you did a good job on the photography as well.




       Be Well


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hi, thank you for your great interest and the many positive Feedback.

@ Canso65: the photo-etched, there are:   link


Greetings Jan

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