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Wip:55 Chevy Mild Custom


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i decided to start working on the new revell 55 chevy.i was inspired by the one lyle willits did a couple of months ago.mine will be a close copy of his.my model club also decided to do a 55 chevy build off which worked out ;).the tires are from the revell 64 chevy truck kit and the wheels are from the revell 49 mercury kit.not sure about the colors yet.i have it mocked up for now.more progress pics soon.



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i primed the body and started working on the motor.i decided to paint it orange and white.i will try to get some color on it this week.the engine is from the kit,valve covers are from the revell 37 street rod kit and the carbs are from the revell 49 mercury kit.i will use the air cleaners from the merc kit as well.next up is the interior.i will use the front and rear seats from the AMT 62 pontiac custom kit.i will graft the door panels to the interior panels just like lyle did to his B).



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after a long delay, i got to paint the body last weekend.i painted it testors hugger orange lacquer and duplicolor white.i still need to clear the body.i hope to start painting and detailing the interior this weekend.


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