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Its down for me too..

its been having MAJOR slowdown issues with the server last few weeks, my guess is that its down for maintenence/repairs.

EDIT: Pat Redmond, who is moderator on Randy's board, just posted on the spotlight hobbies board that the NASCAR board is down temporarily for maintenece, but he cant give a timeframe when it will be back up.

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Think that by the time the forum have been out of service, the problems and possible loss of data in a big way can be a posibilty, with the sad prospect that if it ever come back on line, all that valuable information,photo collections on race cars,models,projects,detail info and such....could no longer be there, really hope there a back up or that it will be back in full and normal operation soon but by each passing day it seems uncertain, my very personal opinion and view of course.

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Ed Sexton brought the new Fusion kit to Toledo Sat......looked very good....can't wait. Hit Dec

I heard that Revell was a no show, and from the photos that I can find from it, none show Revell, Round2 and Moebius are seen though, anyways,  any photos of it ?

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Yes it seems is gone for good, to much time have passed,  probably all the data was lost and they just pull the plug on the forum for good. It was a gold mine of information on NASCAR cars and drivers from all eras and some incredible scale model projects to. Sad to know is gone,  but at least I enjoyed it while it was online for quite some time.

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I "WAS" a member to the Randy Ayers Forum till I seen it was mostly NASCAR related builders and models... so is it gone now? I haven't signed in over there in over a year.......


Anyway, found a couple friends there if nothing else!

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