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This is the '66 Bill Jenkins Chevy Nova.  This car was equipped with the small block 350 hp 327.  Weighing 800 lbs less, he whipped up on many Hemis and other more powerful cars. 

I remember reading about this car back in the day.

I've never built a stocker before.  It was really different leaving the interior stock for a change.



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I'll echo the above comments, really nice clean build of an iconic racer from the earlier days when stock was pretty close to being that. Great paint job and decal application (kit or aftermarket?)

Congrats, Misha

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Mr. Misha:  The roof stripes are painted.  I knew there was no way I was going to get a decal to lay flat on that curve.  I photocopied the decal and used it as a template for the stripes.

The rest of the decals are from the kit.  One complaint:  The gold colored decals (Doug's Headers and National record Holder) pretty much faded away on application.  I used the 766 number from the kit, intended for the white car.  I didn't like the original number.

Thanks to everyone for the gracious comments.

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