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Kenworth w900 wrecker (ROG kit)

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This is my first real attempt at a heavy truck model so be gentle.

I actually started this kit over a 3 years ago but due to some paint snafu's it got boxed up till this week,

Thanks to the phenomenal customer service from revell ill have a new cab/hood on the way soon so i started tackling the wrecker body. As my username may suggest im a machinist by trade so ill be making some goodies for it. Going to see how good i can machine a set of hydraulic cylinders for the boom, otherwise ill use the kit ones.  Heres a few pictures of my very limited progress so far. 


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               Judging by the photos of what you've done so far. I doubt you will have any problems here . Besides  like Jonathon said. "This side of the Forum is the Gentle Giant !"

 I will be looking forward to seeing your boom cylinders !



    Be Well


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Just something i threw together in cad and bent using a jig i threw together. (small bessy clamp and rpund bar) not sure if itll fit or not but if it doesnt ill add or take a little of the length or fine tune the radiuses onnthe ends till it matches the hood/fenders


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No pictures tonight but a small update, made some headway stripping my previous attempt at a paintjob so thats encouraging. I may not need that new cab/hood afterall. Also started plumbimg the engine. Got a few of the injector lines bent and mounted. Started polishing the tubing for the stacks and front bumper as well. 

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