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Phil Castronovo's Custom Body Mini Charger - New, better and more pix!

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Hi, a few people asked for more pictures, and since today was a sunny day, I was able to take some better pix.   I have also included the issue Super Stock Illustrated that has the specific version of the car I modeled on the cover.  The car was in a few incidents during the year so its appearance changed some, and it also sometimes had Goodyears and sometimes had M&Hs out back.  The only thing I intentionally changed were the injector lines to the scoop and the manifold.  This version of the car had sort of a mess of rubber hoses and I cleaned it up a bit.  I also wish I had used spark plug wires in a color other than gray, as you just cannot see the gray.  The rear tires are from what I think was an MPC Ramchargers FC from the early '70s.  I included a pic in case anyone knows for sure.  Without further ado, here are some pics.  

Chassis left behind.JPG

Chassis right.JPG

Cockpit close.JPG



Rear tires.jpg

Right rear best.JPG

3 quarters.JPG

Head on close.JPG

Front rt 3 qrtrs body down.JPG

SSI Inside 1.JPG

Custom Body Magazine Pic.jpg

SSI Inside 2.JPG

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Great looking model Chris! You did a outstanding job of building and detailing it. Thanks for posting. I will include them in my Photobucket album. Thanks for sending me the pics of it. Take care

P.S.- I will try to start on the Custom Body Challenger (Cuda) soon.

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