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The windshield on the top left may have come from the original AMT '57 Chevrolet. The kit had the option of a chopped roof at one time. The underside of the roof was scored to show where you would cut the top posts and the top its self into four pieces. The raised portion of the "glass" was to fell in the roof so that the posts would lineup. You would have to mask off the windshield and rear window before painting. The top right looks like the same part with the vent windows removed. The bottom left looks like one of the hood scopes from an early 3 in 1 kit. The hood with the FORD lettering on it looks like it maybe for a truck model. The blue hood maybe for a mid to late sixties Dodge or Plymouth, but I'm guessing on that. The last hood is for a Cougar, a '68 I think.  

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Both of the big clear pieces are AMT '57 Chevy chopped top glass.  I just bagged a couple of those for the NNL East sale pile.  The painted one has been altered a bit.

The other clear piece is from an AMT Double Dragster kit, it's for the streamliner.

The white hood at left is for a '65 or '66 Ford Galaxie.  If it has a cutout line underneath for a scoop, it's a '65.  If not, '66.

The blue hood looks like '62 Plymouth.  I've never seen a Jo-Han one molded in black, but I wouldn't doubt that they exist.  I believe the Revell '62 Plymouth was molded in black, so it could be for that.  The Jo-Han hood has a little peg sticking out from the bottom, near the center.  AMT used to use those little metal clips to "hinge" the hood; back then Jo-Han used a small rubber band that looped around that little peg.

The other hood looks like it is from an AMT '67 or '68 (maybe '69?) Cougar.

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