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Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7


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Tim.... wow... you killed it with the details for the breathers. They turned out perfect!! This engine is such a  Inspiration. The. Your attention to detail with adding the sleeves to the valve covers just steps this up another notch. I love it.

I am agreeing with Dave here.... I vote to go the route of a FED .... show that engine off in all it's glory. And as a suggestion.... I recommend using Mother's Mag and Aluminum polish for the valve covers. I have used it on multiple aluminum parts and very happy with the finish on them. I can not wait to see what the next treat on the table will be. Keep up the outstanding work.

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I was going to try to address each of you individually, but I'll try to cover all the bases regarding your questions and comments. 

I'm going to polish the valve covers using some simple but VERY effective steps that Dave shared with me. After seeing his dragster wheels in person, I'm convinced that it's worth trying.  You can see yourself in them. FED v, Mustang Funny.  I'm leaning FED now.  I'm doing a bunch of research as I said before and there are some new things I want to learn to do that the dragster would give me the opportunity to attempt and apply.  Last but not least, I want to thank everyone again.  Your comments are encouragement to keep this going.  I think its progressed to the point that I can bounce happily between this build and the Falcon.  Based upon my rate of accomplishment I suspect they'll both be done sometime 2018.  Key operative word in that sentence, "both". 

My last update I mentioned that the water necks were "convoluted' in their design. At least in trying to figure out how to replicate them to a reasonable facsimile.  Here's a pic of the one I liked.

DSC 0001

This pic shows the first one I got made next to the other before shaping it.  There are 4 parts to make one not counting the PE flange or bolts. The cap is .5mm too wide and I'm going to make new ones.  Overall dimensions are 3,0mm long x 3.0ww tall (without the cap) x 2.2mm wide.

DSC 0028

On the engine.  I'll copper and then chrome plate them.  When machining the new caps, I'm going to try nickel/brass to see how it contrasts. The metal has a very warm finish to it and a hue all its own. Doesn't solder worth a darn but it won't matter.  As you can in this pic, the various pieces were soldered together.  Once chromed, I'll use a brass nut for the end of the neck to mimic the real one along with two bolts to secure the flange directly to each head.  Way too much information. sorry

DSC 0009

DSC 0021

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First of all, concerning the move to an FED. Who says drag racing is all in a straight line anyway? They put steering wheels on there in case a course correction is needed. You're the pilot. You take it in the direction you feel it needs to go.

Besides, I'd watch you build an Erector Set Bulldozer.

Now, here's hoping I make it to 2018.


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Tim.... that is some insane work my friend. Those water Jacks are flat out awesome. So impressive. They are going to look even more killer once plated. I have to keep reminding myself that these parts are way smaller than what I am working on. Nice work Tim. Loving this engine :wub:

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Well that is just crazy good !!!!!!  The breathers and the water neck are so small and so right on.  Thanks for posting more ref. pics lately, really enjoy seeing the real thing and then seeing your renditions which are waaaaay better:D


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Brad, thanks once more, this build has been a real challenge but treat as it progresses. 

Joe, "erector set bulldozer"...I laughed out loud since my 7 yr. old daughter and I just did an erector set pick-up truck together.  kinda scary actually.  :D

Chris, even though I got them both done today, I'll plate them when I have several more pieces ready and do them at the same time.  I'll try the caswell chrome on these.

Dave, glad you're liking it.   ;)

Davewilly, thanks to you too!  

Randy, I must agree, as I love to see what you're striving for with the pics you show in advance on your GT40......which btw, you're WAY past do for an update my friend. 

Thanks Mike....in all honesty, once you make one, it's not as daunting so long as the machine is still dialed in properly and you don't forget the numbers that got you there.  I write EVERYTHING down as I go along and have learned never to throw my notes out until the item in hand is completed.

So, here's a couple of pics of them both on the engine.  The caps were machined of nickel/brass and as I noted for Chris, I'll chrome them during my next plating session.  The flanges are not on the backs of the necks in these pics.  I'll probably double them up for appearances sake during final assembly.   cheers, tim

DSC 0018

In this pic you can also see the oil fill cap that I made for the lifter valley cover. 

DSC 0027


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You've gone way beyond hitting it out of the park.  I think, by now, it may be the universe...! :)

Yes,I believe so......I could have sworn I saw it swing by Van Nuys Ca. on the way to the universe ......Tim,this is just breath taking man.....and your photos are AWESOME!!!!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to show us your beatiful work:wub:

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I am struggling to come up with the words.  I kinda feel just a bit awkward repeating the same superlatives I and so many others have stated about your work.  At some point, it's just all starts to sound the same.  Words of awesome, fantastic, beautiful, etc. are just beginning to sound like an in sync chorus.  So, in an effort to avoid repetition, I'm going to start speaking in Klingon just so I have something different to say.  

Brak guhn dah slod guhz cheum!  

In Klingon, it means "You da man!"  :lol:

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Always appreciate the comments.  Now to really stir the pot......I spent the week cutting out the doors / trunk on the Falcon and a Bantam blast (AMT / MPC kit) showed up. I have 4 or 5 great books on drag racing and in particular on altereds.  Who doesn't like an altered right?  I came across a single photo of an altered from back in the day called the Blister that was campaigned by the Trillo Brothers.  It's gorgeous.  So I ordered the kit and to mimic that pic immediately hacked the fenders off.  So a 2 second mock-up has left me really pondering what this car will be.  It's a problem that I like.  Rear engined mustang funny,  FED dragster (which a fellow builder from this forum has provided me with FANTASTIC renderings/specs) or do a fuel altered.  If the altered, it would have a RAT TRAP style independent front suspension, side canards, a wing and an aluminum bullet style fuel tank.  Not sure if the front wheels will be the standard 12 spoke or bicycle wheels.  I'd really like to do the wire wheels.  So, here's a couple pics of what might be.  cheers, tim

DSC 0074

DSC 0046

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Tim... WOW.... that is awesome. Now you are making us choose from all three options nows?? ^_^:D.... I will be honest I am torn between the FED and the Fuel Altered.... I think my first choice goes to the FED but It's a pretty neck to neck race with those two..... Thank engine just looks Bad Ass in either of those two. 

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