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Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7


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I can hardly fathom this build if I hadn't been watching all along. If I saw it on a contest table and someone said that 99% of this was metal, I would find it hard to believe them without taking a closer look. Tim - this is completely off the charts. As said in a Ford truck commercial..." it doesn't raise the bar, it IS the bar."   Extreme Kudos

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Tim... This is so Incredible my friend. Hands down has to be The best build out there. Everything you have done has been amazing. The Level of detail is just unreal. You sure have set the bar for the rest of us. I sure would love to make it out to NNL East this year but not sure I could totally swing it with GSL the week after it, But who knows I have some time to think about it...lol

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Scott, thanks for stopping by and commenting.  The fun begins.

John, thanks man, btw, for those of you that haven't stopped by "All the Rest" on the forum, be sure to check out John's "Coca-Cola" trike.  It's a stunner.  I mention it as I don't check the category out all the time and I'm glad I didn't miss his build. 

Brad, nice to see you on an altered again. I ALWAYS enjoy your builds.  Thanks too for the compliment, especially since I'm a Ford guy.  

Chris, best of luck to you sir at the GSL show.  I've no doubt you'll take home some hardware with your funny car.  Glad you started that build before I ever started this one, learned some great techniques from you along the way. 

JC, thank you too for checking it out.  Like what you're doing with your Falcon build & your execution, as always is fantastic.  The pics I just shared of the bantam has given me a lot of impetus to get this done.  Like everyone that has followed this build I can't wait to see it done too. Hopefully it comes out as envisioned.     Cheers to one and all!  Tim


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Erroll, sorry for the delay in replying.  Unfortunately no, I won't be attending the GSL.  Was sorry to hear that there are only 2 events left.  Truly outstanding show that I'm not likely to ever attend.  Thanks for asking however. 

Thanks as always Dave.  I'm slow but making headway on it.  At this point in time, it will get done sooner than later but I'm really taking my time to make sure I don't screw up any of the paint finish on the chassis etc.  Tedious with a capital "T".   

Chris & Dave (goatguy)  I too appreciate your interest still. Sorry my headway hasn't been speedier........life slowed me down a little bit.  But should start to pick up now and make some good headway the next 2 months or so.  I'll finish the paint on the body come May or June (if we don't get a crappy wet spring and summer like last year) and wrap it up over the Summer.  

The pics show the install of the master cylinder, which fought me every which way possible, you'll note the axle spacers are secured (each has 8 bolts) and the axle pinion collar is installed.  The axle is not permanently installed yet nor the brakes but I do some mock-ups as I do each little thing to confirm the assembly order.  cheers everyone.  tim




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I'm glad you came down to Big Boys and called us up here Tim ...hehehe

This is absolutely amazing watching this come together..

Got me a big bowl of popcorn and a couple adult bevies,... Proceed Sir:D

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Completed (finally) the hand brake / master cylinder and connected the line from the master to the rear "T" fitting.  Last step will be hooking up the brake lines from the T to the calipers once they're installed.   I had to switch out my brake handle for a unit from Futurattraction which I had to extend a wee bit.   cheers



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To define Mr. Tim:

I AM BLOWN COMPLETELY AWAY over this build. This is unreal!



prod·i·gy | \ ˈprä-də-jē  \

plural prodigies

Definition of prodigy

1a: a portentous event : OMEN

b: something extraordinary or inexplicable

2a: an extraordinary, marvelous, or unusual accomplishment, deed, or event

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