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Tough Glamour: Autocar A-64B

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This original AMT T-526 kit was purchased about ten years ago from ebay. I decided last October that I would build this old girl as a break between other builds currently on the work bench. The engine was treated to a turbo and supportive ducting from my parts box. Fuel lines along with oil and coolant as well as air lines and a/c hoses were also added to the engine. The engine and chassis components were slightly weathered more so to help pull out details. Scratch built parts include a front skid plate and spare tire carrier. Since the kits mirror brackets were completely out of scale, they were replaced with more accurate ones from the parts box. The kits front axle was made steerable along with the 'butterfly" hood modified to function with home made hinges. Although the hinges are not completely faithful to the real ones in appearance, I believe they turned out okay. This was a fun kit to build even with the parts fit issues common to these old kits. Hope you like it, and thanks for looking.2016-04-16_15.36.26.thumb.jpg.f60d4ccf2d2016-04-16_15.33.15.thumb.jpg.90983d0e972016-04-16_15.46.09.thumb.jpg.8ddc3ca1ab2016-04-16_15.45.22.thumb.jpg.23127d4cae

2016-03-15 14.12.32.jpg

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      Wow !!! That looks great ! You did a really fine job on this one. I love it. The paint job, colors and paint scheme are awesome.




       Be Well


x 2: Great looking late 60's/early 70's paint scheme!!! Also that you painted the rear wheels and frame the same color as the lower cab !

Excellent execution !

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Thanks everyone for you kind comments. The great work on this site from my fellow modelers keeps me hard at it to do my best. "ANovaScotian", I usually use Duplicolor automotive paints on the cabs and frames, especially when I want a metallic color. The color is Sunburst Gold Metallic over gray primer on the frame, and a clear coat applied to cab, fenders, and hood to give the color depth.

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