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FORD COE 1950 advertising "NNL East 30th"

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Hello everyone,

here is my latest project. This project started during or soon I find this picture.


my idea to change the use of decals board provided last year.


I thought of several ideas on a roof rack my woody, not big enough ... trailer ... and then I had the idea to change the COE delivery,  the idea of the COE advertising was born ... realized in 3 weeks to participate in the NNL east.

Mix Resin Delivery Ford COE at RMR and 50 Monogram Ford pickup. Tamiya paint varnish Hobby collor Wheels "Foose Nitrous II 1/24 19" and 21 '' at Scale of Production.


wooden floor, with stirrers for coffee, glued 1/1


Inside the ford 50 shortcut


billboard full scratch. here it is finished, old small box has the right size, cut and built 1/1, the kid just an old box of 59 buick amt etc ...ford_50_COE_(96).thumb.JPG.e921711484b3a

and finally the final model exhibited at NNL

 WIP images







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Very cool project done in the finest tradition of all things NNL!If you know anyone headed to our Ohio NNL Nationals in October please consider sending(or even better yet bringing it) so we can all see it in person.Thanks for sharing !!

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