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Hi everyone, I have enjoyed this hobby for a long time now, I got introduced intoScale modeling when I was about 12 yrs old by an older cousin of mine.He was a great guy and saw him as a mentor and a great friend. I had purchased about 30 different Model cars mostly being Toyota, when I worked for a dealership back in 2003-2008 and never Did anything with until when my cousin unexpectedly died from a heart attack in 2008 so I started to build them kind of as a tribute. Anyways , I have started on mostly all my kits , starting and stopping throughout the years . I bought mostly everything I needed to complete them like wheel sets, paints airbrushing, etc. I have used the skills my cousin taught me and they are valuable to me ,but I have needed to look online for tips that I have been having trouble with, and that's why I am here, thanks

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Hi Vladimir,

Welcome to the forum, there is a wealth of info and technical tips to be found here. Just build to make yourself happy and your memories will come flooding back, it's good to remember so just show him what you can build now, I'm sure he would have liked whatever you build.

Friends are here enjoy them.

Wow that's really deep for a Monday morning Eh!!! 



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Thanks for the welcome to this forum, I have a lot to learn still and I look forward in showing what I have got done so far .


Modelbuilder Mark-  no, I don't work for Toyota anymore. I worked in parts dept. and got restless just being in one place for 8+ hours daily, so I jumped trades and now work as a beverage equipment technician. I enjoy working with my hands repairing, installing and maintenance rather than selling parts . plus the internet has put a big dent in that industry where you are able to get same factory parts for so much cheaper price than a dealership

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