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49 mercury hardtop


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This one started out being a lowrider car with all the different color lines and designs but didnt like the way it turned out. So I stripped it down and redid the color scheme.and I also switched out the wheels. They came from a chrysler 300c Let me know what you guys think.





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Looks good. But, I need to clear up one thing thing. Technically your Merc is not a "hardtop." It's a coupe. A true hardtop has no center pillar between the door windows and and rear quarter windows. In other words a hardtop has no "B" pillar. Your car has the "B" pillar. So it would be considered a "coupe" or a two-door sedan (lines can get blurry there). Mercury referred to that body style as a six-passenger coupe.

I have seen '49 Mercs converted to true hardtops. Either by eliminating the "B" pillar, or installing a hardtop style roof from another car. The first true factory built Mercury hardtop was offered in 1952 by the way.

I'm writing this not to be critical. Your model is fine. And your not the first or last person make the mistake of referring to a pillared car as a hardtop. So don't feel bad. Just keep build nice models.

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