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welcoming myself back!

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Wow   my  pc laptop really  was   super dusty! i log into  mcm  and wow  whole  new  world  lots has changed for the  better   it  looks!

  I feel   really  bad   since we  took the  plunge into smart phones, i spend almost all  of my time trolling facebook  feeds  veiwing various groups and the  builds  going on in them

It is so   easy  to snap a  pic and upload it  right  to   f.b.  pages, I Even figured out  how to make my own  page its FORD and  ford, lincoln, mercury related model  builds only if i'm allowed to advertise it i will post it up here  later on

  so in conclusion i've been away  some time,  But i'm welcoming myself back hope to post some of my many MANY ongoing  builds, unless i still have to   photobucket? if i do i need to upload all my pics  first lol

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how have you been  mark, been  busy  around here!  never guess what,  Kris Morgan  of  Madd  Resisns asked if i wanted to  master him up a  85 / 86 GT /  LX    notch and  hatch for him to  produce in Resin  I was  rather  flattered,  i look forward to  tradeing  again sometime  soon

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