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AMT '65 Pontiac Grand Prix Custom

Kustom Steve

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I just bought from my local hobby shop the flat box of the '65 Poncho. I had one as a kid in the late '70's and never finished it. I had trouble with the custom parts and old tube cement was not the best thing for this project. I got rid of it and now I have a fresh new one to screw up, lol! I always loved the cover box art. As I remembered, the custom front clip and hood have a horrible fit. Engine has an axle hole through it and some flashy parts. I got my trusty Zap A Gap out and accelerant and had at it last night and this morning. I trimmed 1mm off of the back of the hood to make it line up with the slant of the front clip. I glued the hood in place in the front and tacked it in the back. I plan on pancaking the hood. I smooth the fender tops to follow the artwork, dechromed and shaved the sides. I am not sure f I will use the skirts and I also shaved the handles. I removed the crease on the trunk declid and emblem. I used the custom rear pan and full tailight. both the front and back pins have a awful fit and a lot of super glue was used for filler.






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    What does the cover art print look like?

I want that version for the print and well, .

. . . of course the kit!

   A pic of the decals would be super cool

also if you don't mind!?!

   Looks like it's going to be a great build!!

I will be watching in personal envy.


      David S.


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Well, I have been off for some time building other things. I am back working on the Grand Prix now. I got a 62 Poncho kit mint cheap, but the chassis was warped. I was going to use the chassis and engine for the model, and scratch build a lot of the interior around the custom dash and bucket seats. I have straightened out the chassis, and found a second set of custom bucket seats to make rear seats. The biggest thing holding this project back were what rims and tires to use. I think I got that figured out today. I am stealing the ployglass style wide whitewall tires from the 29 Model A Ford Pickup by Revell. The rims are from Polar Lights GTO optional wheels, radir style rims. Ford Gulf Stream Aqua from MCW is going to be the body color.



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