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1/25 Police/Fire/Ambulance Red Beacon Light?

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Actually remember that the Old Jo-Han Fury had 3 Different sets of Roof Lights

California "Coffee Can" lights plus 1 Siren option (More mechanical than Electonic)

The red Rotaor & 3 pc siren for the NYPD Green version

The Double Blue rotators & "Woofer" type siren on Rack for the Detroit Tactical Unit

The Chicago version used one of the Detroit Rotators, the Face & Motor of the NYPD Siren and an underhood mount

for that


And, Do not forget the Lollypop type rear package shelf lights.

I used 2 sets of those on the roof of a San Francisco build

Yea, I know they were Mostly FORD at that time, so should have done that build 

with AMT's 70 Ford kit. But it had Not been available since its Original release

The First Aftemarket re-issue was Still YEARS away!!

I Still need the SFPD Star too!!!!!!


So if you built one, you still have additional lights for a different version

I know, I have 3 built leftover, at least 3-4 built Lost over the years,

and at least 2 Unbuilt

I use a Beacon Ray from one on a Jo-Han 66 Caddy Ambulance too!!

And used the Siren from the LAPD version on some before that part was added to the Ambulance kit

It would Be nice if the tooling for that kit could be found!!! (BUT, Who would run it if they did find it??????)


The AMT 40 Ford Fire Chief kit IS a good option, but does Not have Inner lamps like the Jo-Han Fury parts had

The Lamps can be made with Evergreen tube!!


IF you do have the Jo-Han kit use the Double Sealed beam lamp from the Detroit/Chicago Blue rotator

for the one you want rather that the 4beam NYPD set up


Look for the AMT Rescue Blazer

Or at least the Ertl 75 Blazer kit

Though it uses a TWinsonic Type lightbar, My kit had 6 of the Rotator domes on the clear red tree!!!!



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Check the last post on page 2, get one from David Parsley, best I've seen. He makes the domes from real glass, so they will never fog!

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