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You are limited when you upload photos directly to the site. You can use larger photos if you host them on a site like Photo Bucket. They have a FREE program and I believe the PRO is only $25 per year. There are plenty of tutorials on how to use it, if you are interested.

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Ditto to what Mike said. This site is not meant to be a photo hosting site, so you are very limited as far as posting photos directly from your computer. Can you imagine the amount of storage space we would need if this site hosted all of the photos we constantly post here?

The right way to do it it to open a photo hosting account, like Photobucket. Photo hosting sites are designed to do just that... host (or store) your images on their servers. Load all your images into albums on your photo hosting site, then you post the link to your photos here in your posts, not the actual photo. The photo stays parked on your photo hosting site's server, taking up their space, yet we can still see the image here in your posts because you posted the link to the image here, not the image itself. That way you can post as many photos here as you like.

BTW... beautiful model. Paint looks spectacular!

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