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for those who are not so good in italian: its about a 911 Fiat 500

the story behind is quite simple: an italian mechanic put a porsche engine in an old fiat 500, i saw this on TV and wanted to make the same in scale.
i decided not only to use the engine, but to transfer also the complete interior, suspension, wheels and tyres.
and the rest was a lot of squeezing and cutting to make everything fit into the tiny fiat.
the wheel-arches were completely made of putty and the engine has "lost" its turbo due to lack of space and for optical reasons.
but later on the turbo will appear in a different project ...

here is the original: http://www.oemmedi.it/en/500_porsche.htm

my kits to work with:Cinquino.thumb.jpg.b70544e92a8e634734b6f


the engine, interior and suspension without the body-shell:DSC_7575.thumb.jpg.cf16ea92a9a484367d88d


and the result:


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That's great, I like yours much better than the 1:1 inspiration. Excellent job on the paint and bodywork! The exhaust and the diffuser are nice touches.

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