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Novecentoundici Cinquino

da Speedinger

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Very cool. I saw a program, perhaps the same one about that car. Looked scary, but very cool. Very nice model.

well, probably not, because it was in a german tv-show where i saw it first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBRjATOZUoA#t=01m36s

there also appear the versions with the ferrari and the lambo engine - but they are too radical for my taste. so i went for the prosche ...

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I can't begin to describe how cool this is. ^_^

I thought I was the only one thinking of this kind of stuff. Just today, I finished fitting a four-cam engine from a 356 Speedster into one of these...


awesome! i hope you continue to post your progress!

i already have another 911 engine to be fitted in a short(y) car - my winterproject ...

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Cool cool cool. I've loved Fiat 500s since I worked for a company that raced them back in the '70s, and I've loved 911s since about the same time. I can't imagine a more fun car to drive than a 911-powered 500. Great idea, great model.  :D

oh i would love to see some pics of the racing cinquecentos from the old days!

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