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pedalcar ratrod > kidz pushcart


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lately the internet is flooded with pics of kids rods .. a lot of rat rods for kids home made by their fathers , very cool and very creative ...

now i have seen motorized versions , pedal versions and push versions .. i made a non pedal / powered version to be pushed with a bar ...

i came to this when i found like a suprize egg car .. looked like a vintage pedal car and i had a 32 ford rod from hotwheels .. and a 1/25 go cart ...

so the idea was born and i merged some parts together , bit of rust and ome chrome ...and voila a fun quick thing ...

all the selected parts together

this was the result > a rat rod with pushbar , fake shifter and i made a ssmall nose cone for it

the go kart wheels needed a lot of work , hard cast plastic with a large seem , i sanded that off in the drill and painted the tres matt black


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thnx .. it was done in a jiffy but fun to do .. will work great for taking pics of models or as a add in the garage .. at first i wanted to put it in the abandoned charger dio i'm doing atm (dio section) but that looked to fake

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