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Pocher Rolls Royce

Mike C

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Actually, this RR isn't mine. I was commissioned to finish it. Two builders before me started on it and it didn't get finished. I was living in FL at the time and belonged to a club down there. The club pres. was at my place and saw my Pocher Bugatti Type 50T I had built. I had built it in '82. He said he never saw a completed Pocher and said I had done a good job. So he told me about the RR kit that was started. AND he said I would get paid $750 to finish it. So I went for it. Plus I had got laid off my job not long after that. This was in 2005.

I remember that the gas pedal linkage was not assembled correctly. The chassis and engine were pretty complete. The spoke wheels had to be built. The body was painted but I had to repaint a door. And I should add the owner lives in a community across the highway from my parents. We're still in touch too. He sends me jokes and I send him pictures of the models I've been building.

So here's the pictures:

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Looks good Mike, but what about killing the shine on the tire tread? ;)  For some reason, it really jumped out in those photos.

I'm not going to worry about that now. I did it over 10 years ago and it's not in my posession.

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