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hopped up 4 banger question


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hey guys,

I'm looking for reference photos for a hopped up version of the 4 banger flathead in the 31 woody Revell kit. The kit comes with an ohv conversion and a few other speed goodies. I'm looking to plumb and wire it for a dragster so the water inlets will be capped off. 


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The overhead conversion in the '31 Woody is a Riley 2-Port. The 2-port was considered more of a street performance head but would work fine in a vintage retro dragster. The head featured intake valves only and still used the in-block exhaust valves and ports. Riley also made a 4-Port which had 4 large intake ports, bigger valves and placed the intake manifold on the drivers side. It also still used the in-block exhaust valves and ports. 

The below picture shows clearly where the spark plugs are located and how the wires are ran. The head used the original distributor and included an extension shaft to raise it up clear of the rocker arm covers. The distributor in the model kit is representative of a factory distributor with a conventional tower-type cap.

photo3-vi.pngHosted on Fotki

In the below picture you can see that there is a steel line running from the lower / center of the engine block up to the center of the cylinder head. This is an oil supply line for the rocker arms under the two covers. Where the fitting attaches at the engine block is a factory threaded and plugged hole which is used as a "test port" for checking the oil pressure. This particular engine also has an "updraft" intake manifold and uses two Model A style carburetors instead of the more traditional "downdraft" intake that points upward with Stromberg carburetors on top (like what is in the model kit.) in this picture you can also see the distributor riser right between the two rocker arm covers.

photo-vi.gifHosted on Fotki

That's pretty much all the external detail there is to this head. Pretty simple stuff.


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