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'32 Tudor, chopped, channeled, stovebolt--finished!


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Calling this one done for now (it's missing the radiator support bar in these pics, I'll make another that fits better). Thanks for all the comments on the WIP, it's been a long road (2009-now) so it's great to finally have this one on the shelf. There are about 13 other projects waiting for time on the bench now!

A brief summary:

-Body and interior: Revell 32 Tudor, interior floorpan partially scratchbuilt. Chopped, channeled. Chopped grille shell.

-Scratchbuilt frame (styrene) and gas tank (balsa)

-Wheels and front tires: AMT 34 Ford

-Rear tires: die cast 56 Thunderbird

-Engine: Revell '41 Chevy Pickup. Carbs: resin copies of AMT 34 Ford parts. Air cleaners: Revell '49 Mercury custom. Headers and radiator hoses are solder.

-Taillights: indicators from 57 Corvette ( I think)

-scratchbuilt chopped windshield frame, acetate windows

-front radius rods made from rear wishbones of AMT '31 Ford woody

-finned drum brakes made from cut-down toothepaste caps

-brake backing plates: resin copies of parts from Monogram '32 roadster

-grille insert: metal from an office door nameplate, drilled and polished

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Loving this. The color, the stance and the simple beauty of it. Subtle modifications that transform it from being just another hot rod and turn it into a show stopper. 

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Thanks all!

Phil--the color is actually Plastikote 7172 (Canadian), doesn't have a specific name as far as I know. It looks dull red in the shade, and flops slightly pink/magenta in the sun.

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Regardless of how long it took you to get it done, it was worth the wait. This a friggin' rad hot rod, Chris! I love everything about it. Nailed it from every angle.

Toothpaste caps turned finned brake drums? Ingenious!


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