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Aunt Ruth's Duster


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Hi Eric,   I'm really glad that you've started posting your cool models on this board.  Your choices and execution of the models are exemplary......  Delightfully not the same old mainstream models.


Thank-you Cliff! I'm honoured. Posting on this board has been a great experience. I should have started a long time ago. I finally got around to getting myself a decent camera. This board will also serve as an incentive for me to complete more models so that I can post them as well.


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Good looking model. Did the 6 take much modification to fit...?

Thanks Carl. I don't recall having any real trouble putting the six in. I used the auto trans from the Linberg '64 Dodge 330 kit as well as the engine. I seem to recall having to shorten the drive shaft a bit though. It's been a while since I built this one.

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1971 Dodge demon.JPG

Wow! Nice Demon Thomas! I'd like to add on like yours to my A-body collection. You also thought of something I didn't - a radio antennae!

A base model car with an optional high impact colour. That's cool. I see a secretary or maybe a school teacher driving this one.

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