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1969 Dodge Charger R/T


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Finally done: 1969 Dodge Charger R/T 1:25 (Revell). This rare color combination was available with the car back in the day. I used Tamiya spray (orange metallic/sand) which came quite close. I wanted to create an "elegant" looking Charger, not the often shown "mean" looking black painted Chargers (of course a 69 Charger is definitely mean  by nature :-)

All parts are out of the box. Very precise, it was fun to build. But I was to lazy to do all the wiring and plumbing under the hood.












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    I love every inch of this car!!  It's so

awesome, great job.

   One of my fondest memories was

in a friends brother's '69 383 car. we

had to find out how fast we could get

that car to go!?!  Just shy of 140 mph

on a local highway here in Wisconsin.

   That was a heart pounder!!


      David S.

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Really, REALLY like this build.  Great color combo, attention to detail, and just super clean.

I particularly like the well executed blue tint on the top of the windshield, and the white stripe tires.  We don't see those too often on muscle cars nowadays, so it's easy to forget how many of them originally  came with white stripe tires.

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Thank You very much for Your comments and kind words!

@ Harry Joy: I use Tamiya sprays of the "TS"-series which are especially produced for that sort of plastic our model kits are usually made of. Once I bought a can of "PS" Tamiya spray without noticing it was the wrong spray and it did not stick to the ground and simply built "noses" on the body of the car.

I can recommend Tamiya's "TS"-sprays. I use them for all my builds along with white primer, also from Tamiya, because they work very well together.


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