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Starsky Hutch Torino Revamp for 2016 TV Show - UPDATE 7/13 - Finished


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With everyone recently building the popular S&H Torino, thinking I need to build one of these too, picked one up last week and thought about how awesome everyone's Torino's came out, except they all look the same.

I get it, it's a tribute build, but what if the Starsky and Hutch TV show was today in 2016? I thought about keeping the same theme of their car but give it an updated appearance, RESTOMOD style! 

Honestly I never liked the 74 Torino with the big chrome bumpers and guards, just looked ugly to me. Also never cared for that out-of-balanced design of a "stripe" even as a kid, I didn't think the stripe looked good or worked with the lines of the Torino. 


So here's my rendition of what maybe a revamped S&H Torino would look like in today's TV show. 

1) I did some major mods to the bumpers, removed the ugly guards, shortened and brought them closer to the body and color matched with the body.

2) Redesigned the stripe design to better flow with the lines of the car.

3) Wheels are a modern 20" 5-slot design staggered set up I'm customizing and lower stance.


Love this new Tamiya for curves tape! Best lines ever and zero bleeding... Of course I always spray a light coat of clear before color after taping to minimize color bleed.




Colors and Paint: Duplicolor Electron Current Red Pearl Metallic with Tamiya white primer base and Tamiya TS-25 White Pearl stripes. Four coats of Duplicolor clear over all of it, then wet-sanded 1500 > 2000 > 3000 then four coats of Model Masters Wet Clear and those will be wet-sanded from 2000 > 12000 and polished. I'll post finished polished pictures later.



UPDATE 6/30 Need opinion on chrome

Since I "de-chromed" and modified the front and rear bumpers, the question is should I "de-chrome" the grill, headlight bezels and the taillight bezel? 


1) tint them with Tamiya Clear black

2) paint them Black

3) paint them dark gray

4) paint them body color

Also, window and rocker trim, BMF chrome or black?



What's your opinion?


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I think your stripe job is much better looking. I also was never a fan of this model Ford except when Starsky would slide over the hood and jump in. All that was fun at the time, but the proportions of the windows always seemed off to me. I think the large "C" pillar made that portion of the  roof and the body look to heavy. If I were the one designing the roof line the rear quarter window would have extended further back toward the rear window opening. This would have made the car "lighter" looking and would have eliminated a very large blind spot for the driver if he turned to look over his right shoulder. While still a large stripe by putting just the small line in the middle I think it greatly enhances the appearance.    

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Thanks everyone for the positive comments, it's motivating me to get this "Tomato" finished this weekend.

Laid on four-coats of Model Masters Wet Clear last night, will cut and buff tonight, this paint job is so smooth and so far flawless, even the edge of stripes are laying flat and smooth, so far so good.  

Since I "de-chromed" and modified and body color painted the bumpers, I need some opinions if I should keep the grill, headlights and rear taillight assemblies chrome as is, or tint with Tamiya clear black, or paint solid black or dark gray. This would also need to match the window and rocker trim.

What's your opinion?  



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Hey, thanks all for the comments. Overwhelmingly leave chrome as is, I concur as well and will leave it as detailed chrome parts and BMF

Here's a few of the cut and polished paint job. One of my smoother paint jobs, the stripe laid down nice and flat and sharp edges, pretty happy with it.












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dup pictures
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Got a bit of bench time this week. BMF, engine and interior



Not a fan of bench seats, the new car has Recaro's and ribbon for the rear tray. I see I need to touch-up the steering wheel paint. Nice thing about hi-res pictures seeing what you can't see



Not going full detail, at least did plug-wires.


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