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Big ol' 1/8 '32 Roadster, Channeled: As of 4/2/18, she's going to be 1:1.


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Well, it's official. I just put a deposit on a full-scale '32 roadster body. I've been collecting parts for several years...frame, double-hump heads, block and crank, real OEM forged '32 dropped axle, Jag wires for the front, Finned Buick and Lincoln drums, etc...but waited to pull the trigger on a body until 1) it looked like I'd have time to build the thing in the foreseeable future, and 2) I found a smokin' deal on a fiberglass body shell I could get built more-or-less to my specs.

Only other big-ticket item to save up for is a quick-change. Everything else will be used vintage, junkyard, or fabricated/machined by me (and I'm looking for an early Culver City Halibrand QC, though I OUGHT to run a repop that takes late-model gears and axles).

The only real deviation from a "traditional" car (other than the glass body) will be a 5 or 6 speed gearbox (junkyard). Gots to have long legs for cruising cross-country, and fairly short 1-4 gears for tire smokin'. 

Time to get back on the model, as there are several things I HAVE to work out for the real one.  :D

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Full scale American Stamping repop '32 frame rails when they arrived here during some demolition a couple years back...


100% American made...

And the repop glass body, a clone of which I'll be dragging back here in a few more weeks...'cept mine will be lacking the bonded-in firewall, floors, and inner door and decklid panels.


All that aside, it will still be at LEAST 6 more months before I can start in on actually building the real one.

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On 1/9/2021 at 11:56 AM, comp1839 said:

good luck on the 1:1 build.  perhaps we'll meet up cruisin' somewhere.


Thanks. I'd really like that, and the plan is to drive the wheels off the thing when it's done.  :D

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