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#9 2005 kasey kahne dodge charger

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I finished this car a little over a year ago, and it has been in the hands of it's owner for sometime now. Before I post any pics of this car I want to take the time to tell several people thank you!!!!! I want to thank jeff marsh first off. Jeff has been the biggest inspiration as far as my detailing builds. Jeff has pushed me to go further than even I thought I could, thank you my friend I owe you.

I also want to give a huge thank Dave t and Clay kemp. Without your works in progress, It would'nt have been possible. Thank both of you for everything you have done for our hobby.

The last of the people I want to thank are Clutch coomer, thank you for the help with the headers my friend, without you the car would have been lost. You are one hell of a builder and fabricator, keep it up.Don't be so hard on yourself either.

John Snider, without you this car would'nt have even been possible. I have told you before thank you for allowing me to do this john.

This car has a huge list of detail added to it. I will hit what I can remember, but I know I can't get it all. I will have all the W.I.P. pics in my photobucket album in a few days.

detail master

a/n ncompression fittings

a/n combination fittings

a/n adapter fittings

braided line

ignition wire

battery cables

ignition coils

model car garage

dale sr no bull set

window clips

hood hinges

dash board gauge panel

four speed muncie tranny

ross gibson

dodge nascar engine

modern motorsports

in line fuel filters

power steering resivoir

remote oil filter

dash recess


arowhead aluminum

nascar detailing set

fire supression system

rear springs

freds resins


ignition boxes

southern motorsports hobbies

2005 dodge charger body

scratchbuilt items


front and rear bumper braces

aluminum crush panels in front and rear (embossing metall)

headers (by clutch coomer)

roof and cowl flaps

side skirts

I know there is alot more.









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Chris yes I have seen Clays work at some of the shows I have attended and got to talk with him. Man your work is awesome some day I need to push myself into doing a car that is detail out like what you have done and it is just awesome

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From what I can see, it looks like you have done an outstanding job!!

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