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Last episode I watched had an employee return after being involved in a n accident driving a Tundra , she looked pretty sore , but missed what happened. Jamie and 3 other heavy rotator were called out after a pete slid off road edge hauling wood, and it took the entire team to upright the truck without spilling a single plank...very impressed 

Is the Slammer the area around the huge tunnel ?

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FYI for those of us here in the states, I noticed in my DVR's "Scheduled to Record" list that next Sunday Feb 25th the Weather Channel will be playing S6 Ep1 at 9PM EST. 

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That entire stretch of road is actually a beautiful drive! The sad thing is, I'll be doing 120kmh on it, and I'm usually one of the slower guys out there. 120 is fast enough for me. So many others driving way too fast for conditions, even in clear summer weather.



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