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Herbie - The Love Bug!

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This is the Polar Lights build. The glue on the back of the racing stripes and "53" were bad, resulting in stickers that would not stay on. Good thing I scanned them in before using them, as I can now print them on decal paper!

Pictures without the stickers...





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I added BMF to the body lines and hood area, then painted silver trim around the taillights.





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I also added more detail to the interior...



Not a bad build, just wish the stickers were better.

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That is one dandy little kit and I think that Polar Lights designed the perfect kit for the times!  It's simple enough that a kid can assemble it and have a reasonably nice model and complicated and detailed enough that us guys can use it as a basis for a detailed project.

When it first came out I bought two of them at a club meeting and tossed one of them at my 13 year old nephew.  About an hour later he came back smiling with it completely built and decalled.   Note that Tom Lowe is a movie and TV memorabilia guy, so that's the main market this was aimed at.  A lot of this type of kit will be sold at that hobby's memorabilia shows-- which make our biggest model car shows look like a backyard gathering-- and never get built. Just a pretty box to sit on the shelf with the rest of their theme stuff.  But if someone wanted to build this one, anyone with moderate sense and skills would be pleased with the results.

The one bit I suggest to people building it is that the canvas roof (note that is the first time that roof option has been modeled in 1/24 or 1/25 scale) has the edge mounts visible on the final project.  I suggest cutting those off and filling in the corresponding holes in the body.  Then just glue the sucker in place.  

Back when this kit came out, it was leaked that a second release of a California custom Beetle would be following. Then Polar Lights got sold and nothing happened. Once Round 2 bought everything back,  the Spiderman Beetle IS that release.  It has a solid roof and all kinds of cool custom type parts.  

I'd be very happy if new kit releases followed this format.  

Edited by Tom Geiger

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