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1966 Revell Chevelle Wagon


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Hello again everyone. This is the Revell Muscle Chevelle wagon. Wanted to build this more grocery getter and less custom so I stole the wheels from the revell '66 El Camino kit. Painted it a blah light yellow and really would have liked to use the wood paneling decals, but those had flames embossed on them:angry:. Overall a decent kit. The only real problem I had with it was getting the 2 piece dash board together right so that it looked right when in place. So here are some pics.


Thanks for looking! Comments more than welcome!!


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Thanks everyone for all the kind words!!

OMG, another completed build for you. Again this one looks fantastic just like the others. Have always liked wagons.

Thanks Keith!! My wife is very understanding of this hobby(not all my hobbies), so I'm usually able to get an hour or two of building in most nights. Plus I usually have 2 or 3 builds going at a time, so in reality it takes me a month or two for most builds.

Very clean and I love Butternut yellow. Refreshing to see a stock build, glad it wasn't up on 44's. :)

Thanks Anthony!! The color is actually labeled as Daffodil, but yeah I like Butternut better so I'll call it that from now on:rolleyes:. I build most of my models stock or close to stock with maybe a little customizing here and there. And you will not see any low riders in my post or on my shelf. I've seen some great ones on here but that is not my style or my cup of tea.

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