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Lindburg 66 Chevelle Pro Street


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Hello All

Have been away from the forum for a while, but Ive been building whenever I get a chance. Figured I post some pics of a 66 Chevelle pro street Ive been working on. Using parts from the Revell 67 chevelle, and pro Sportsman kits. Thanks for looking...








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Looking at the bumpers, and I think I'm going to clean them up a bit. Especially removing the ugly guards, after stripping the chrome. Might go with a lightweight fiberglass or aluminum look. Maybe a silver gloss, or alclad chrome?


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Thank you for the positive replies, I really appreciate it. I was working on those ugly bumpers. Just need to smooth out the areas where the guards were. Still a bit bumpy in those areas. Hopefully the new sheet of BMF will arrive tomorrow, so I can get the foiling done.


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I bought a resin hood from Lex's Resin. It took some considerable sanding to get it to fit the Lindburg car. Maybe it was casted for the Revell car? anyway, I'd like to paint it satin black, and add some quick turn fasteners around it. Maybe a decal on each side of the cowl. Cant seem to find a "Harwood" or "Chevy Power" decal.


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