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Haven't been busy with plastic in quite some time even with a ton of half started projects...

Bought the 1/32 Mack "R" and tanker trailer several months ago and finally got the itch to build up one of my three favorite semi's (the other two are coming soon as well).

I am not going to go too detail crazy, but would like it to be a pretty healthy representation of (one of) the movie rigs.  Leaving the hood short, at least for now, but started on the lengthening of the sleeper using the specs from Dan Bruno's old site (thanks Dan!).


I made the decision to leave the sleeper doors towards the back of the simply to make less cuts and it appears that one of the movie rigs had this configuration.  I've seen Dan's truck in person and know that the doors are both in the middle, but...


The exhaust cutout kind of threw me for a loop to keep the doors where they were.


I glued some Evergreen strips to the inside of each wall as some bracing and after some math, was able to get it to roughly 60" scale inches.


Used some lengths of sprue glued from the inside to brace the rounded corners. and got busy with the milliput.  I'd never used it, but heard good things.  Dang that stuff makes a mess, though.  Ended up standing at the kitchen sink and using lots of water.  Let it dry overnight and got to sanding this morning.  First go around with some coarse paper.  I think it came out pretty well for a first timer.  I still have some seams that have low spots, but that's an easy fix.  No rivets were molded into the middle of the roof, so that made the top easy as well.  The bottom edge is going to be sanded smooth and new diamond plate will be installed.



Still a few high spots, but pleased nonetheless with my start!  I have a Duck hood ornament, air dam, and bull bar from the 70's Ertl Duck kit in my parts box.  The air dam actually fits the 1/32 kit perfectly.  I used the bull bar a a pattern for scaling out the one I'm planning on scratching out of brass.



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      You've got a good start on this project. Looking good thus far.




   Be Well


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Wow!  Thanks for that!  Great pictures of some pretty serious scratch building.



Definetly doable though. Always good when someone takes "how to" photos. 


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