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Adventures in Soldering: The Maserati BirdcageTipo 61 update Bodywork 12/17/22

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Randy, as usual great work.  Your hammer work is just beyond reproach.  Amazing stuff.  

Your cooling lines look great!  Thought I might throw an idea out there for you.  I have some "German silver" wire that I use for things like that.  I used it for the water manifold on my Bugatti engine.  It solders up amazingly well with silver solder and it polishes up very well.  Perhaps something to add to your already well stocked arsenal of modeling supplies. 

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Have been watching for some time in total amazement and awe. I had an acquaintance that owned one of these little hot rod gems. A couple of times he let me drive it in a vintage/ concourse event. They were very quick and handled quite well with the throttle. I digress. You should be extremely proud of your work . You got "Braggin"rights. 

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It might be months between posts but every time you post it's a treat for the eyes.  Thanks Randy....I think this is my all time favorite build of yours........although I remember a certain GT-40 that was something in its own right.   Cheer sir!  Tim

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  • Randy D changed the title to Adventures in Soldering: The Maserati BirdcageTipo 61 update Bodywork 12/17/22

Hi Folks,

  Pete, Like that tip ,Thank you.

Daniel, Just trying to keep up with you and your dragster build!

Bill, As always, appreciate the compliment!

Pierre, Thank you buddy. Great work you are doing in the Sebring thread.

Andy, glad you like it!  Yes, will shape the sump /block out of white metal.

Thank you David:)

Appreciate the comment Michael, very jealous here!!!!!

Mark, thank you for checking in!

Tim, Means alot when you compliment my efforts, get well soon my friend.

Glad you like it Dirk!


 Some more progress on the body....

Once I got past the front clip it was on to the rest of the body.

Some reference pics to show the sides and what was called the "Duckbill" rear end...





I boke down this part of the body into 2 sides, rear deck lid, tail piece and a small belly pan piece under the tail... ....



















The holes in the tail are for tail lights,  the holes in the deck are for cutting out the trunk.   The cutouts on the sides for the door and small panel are just roughed in for now. Lots more to do on this body but feels good to get the basic shape done!!!!


Thanks for looking in,


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Randy, extraordinary work on what may be my favorite car ever. I have the CMC die cast of this car and regularly take it out of the cabinet to admire the exquisite space frame. To think that you are building one from scratch the way the big ones were made is mind boggling. This is quite the journey!

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I am always amazed at what a good panel beater can do. As impressive as the chassis work is, and the scratchbuilding of engineering components, I understand the mechanics and dynamics of creating those assemblies. I can do some of that stuff. But the body work seems such a black art to me. Where the other stuff is pure craft, the panel work feels much more like art. Very impressive, Randy. Thanks much for taking the time post this stuff in detail. Cheers.

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Randy,  it's fair to say we all wish we had your skills.............any of them.  Surely this "alchemy" of panel beating that you've attempted and mastered is beyond mere mortals.  I can't wait to see this build someday.  Will you be going to the Salt Lake show in 2023?   Talk to you soon.  Tim

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