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Adventures in Soldering: The Maserati BirdcageTipo 61 update Bodywork 12/17/22

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6 hours ago, Randy D said:

bottom part of the oil pan...



















So started work on the wiring harness  and made up the generator and starter with solenoid. As this is a front engine car with a rear transaxle the "tranny" is pretty much a clutch cover.

That is all for now.


Thank you for looking in!


To quote Wayne and Garth, "Schwwwwinnng!"

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Each time you post the latest work, I look, I close my eyes and chuckle under my breath because this must be impossible... can't be real... I open my eyes and look and still in my total disbelief, it is real!

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Words fail me Randy.  A truly one of a kinda and inspirational build.  There's something here for everyone to admire and to learn from.   Next pics you share put a dime or penny next to the engine so everyone can truly appreciate the scale of what you're doing.  You're packing in 1/12th and even 1/8th scale level detail into 1/25th.........SUPERB!   cheers, tim

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