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Adventures in Soldering: The Maserati BirdcageTipo 61 update Bodywork 12/17/22

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Holy BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH, your at it again!  Oh my a birdcage.  You are one to take on the challenge.  You know what I would like to see at some point is a tutorial from you on panel beating.  Perhaps a YouTube video.  I am more of a visual learner than a taker of instructions.  Well, I will definitely be following this one.  Also time for me to get back to some metal work.  You do inspire me Randy!

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Hi Folks,

  Thanks to all who took the time to comment !!!!!!!

Some progress to report on the chassis alto it is merely adding on some more tubes:)







Michael,  Look forward to your metal work on your latest Altered. You sure have casting in nickel silver down to an art!

Maxx,  I go on the Maserati page of Ultimate Car just about every day looking,  leaning towards  2454.  The only thing I have ruled out is a model with the 'boat tail' that they used for the higher speed races:D

Pete,  I will try to take some film when I attempt some more body work.

Tim,   I'm using  Tix flux and Novak Silver Solder. I am no expert but I do enjoy trying. I keep studying Sir Gerald's methods on bodywork but have not had his results.

My meager efforts on bodywork to date consist of the fairly simple shapes on the wrecker...



The fenders were made up using the steel dapping set in combo with  a hardwood wheel for a 'buck'


Mocking up some more body work.  The tough thing on this car is the transition from the hood to the top of the front fenders.  Trying to figure out how to break the front end down into multiple pieces that I can handle.....






Thanks for looking in!









Edited by Randy D
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Hi Folks,

Hi Bill,  Very jealous that you have viewed one in person:) Need some details on that my friend!

Chris,   The pads are ceramic.  I get them from jewelry supply shops, many different sizes available.  It is epoxied to a pressed paper builders board so I can use pins to use them as jigs. Your soldering jigs are so much cooler!!!!

Sflam123,  Thanks!

Hi Pete:D

Richard, It is giving me a headache!

Art,  Compared to the guys that really know how to work the metal my stuff is pretty simple but I am determined to close the gap!!!

Stephen,  Thank you!

Joe,   Go 'Wings' !!!!

Brian,  I am learning as I go!

Tom,   Using a Weller 40 watt iron that has a variable temp control.  I use it on the highest temp so I make the joints quickly before it loosens the joints around it.

Thanks Dave!!

Michael,  Thank you,  your thread in the Drag section is always one that I check up on to learn new stuff!!

Thanks Kevin,  one day it will be done!

Charles,   I took some pics when I formed up a another fender,  hope it helps....

 Hardwood toy wheel is my 'buck'.....


Metal material hammered over the buck....


Into the dapping block,  beat the buck with a hammer to smooth out  the metal ....



I am going back an forth between the dapping block and the buck held in the vise to try an get the shape I want.

When I get happy with the shape I  'lead in'  using solder,  both inside and outside....



Next step is to get the soldered material back to scale thickness and smoothed out.  Using a grinder in the Dremel and files...



I often have to  resolder to fill in voids...




Using the grinder and any  round surface to give the desired radius  to the fender 'skirt'.....


This is as far as I will take these practice fenders....



Working on a body buck,  hope to show more soon on that soon.


Progress on the chassis......







Need to get some skills in video production as we move forward on body work,  it would really help in showing the process.


That is all for now,  thanks for looking in.









Edited by Randy D
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Thanks so much for sharing the pics and details of "how-to".   As someone that wants to attempt what you're actually DOING, it will be most helpful when I try my hand at it even if I can't get the same results.  Oh, yeah, that chassis isn't too bad either.  :wub:    cheers, tim

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  • Randy D changed the title to Adventures in Soldering: The Maserati BirdcageTipo 61 update Bodywork 12/17/22

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