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Adventures in Soldering: The Maserati BirdcageTipo 61 update Bodywork 12/17/22

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Darn it......Bill beat me to it.  I won't take a year to reply to YOUR post Randy so here goes..............as President of the Randy D. fan club, I can only say that this is some of the absolute, finest scratch-building, if not THE finest in the country.  What I love about your work is not just the attention to detail and your ability to transfer it to the part IN scale, but you capture the "delicacy" of it all.  Which describes the Birdcage Maserati itself.  You've captured it like no one else Randy.  Can't wait for more and so glad to see you back posting again.

Cheers my friend, Tim

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Fantastic work as usual randy!   Glad to see you are back on this project!   Its beautifully complex..    Hopefully I will get to see it in person again soon, that was one of my highlights of last years NNL East!

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I really admire the folks with the skills and patience to work in metals. To the point I think where I would find it a shame to apply paint. It's not something I would try, because I don't think my modeling ADD would allow me to put in that kinda time and get very far, regardless of materials. I probable put 30-60 hours in a build. Something like this would require hundreds. Nah, not for me.

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Hi Folks,

  Hi Bill,  appreciate the comment( still planning on sending you a package!  )

Tim,    You are too kind my friend. but really nice to hear:)


  Yes,  those  "Mad Mike" produced carbs that Scale Production sells are really sweet.  (I sell them in my store also, but currently out of stock)

But the ones I print are pretty cool also .

The linkage is made up from a small length of nickel silver tubing that I stuff a RB Motion Rod end into. The opposite end  gets a wire rod with a RB Motion nut slipped on.

Nickle s. tubing is Albion Alloys  .5 mm O.D.   .3mm  I.D.

The rod ends are the smallest ones  #1501 RB Motion

The nuts are the smallest ones  .020"  RB Motion

Bruce,  Thank you buddy!   I wish I could find more time.

Mark,  Glad you are liking this one.

Dann,  Thank you ( enjoy all your many projects!!! )

Thanks Kurt,  I see you doing this stuff all the time :)

Sonny,  Thank you !

Mike,  thank you for following along.

Hey Pete,  Like Tim says, If I can post an update how about you:)

Tom,  Glad you like it, what pieces are you looking at ?

Thank you Rob!





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Randy, I'm very glad to see your Maserati back on the bench. A work this spectacular deserves to be finished.

Thank you for taking the time to document your work. This project is now and will doubtless continue to be an example of the pinnacle of what can be accomplished with our hobby. 

David G.

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Thank you Daniel !

Tom,   It is 30 gauge sheet stock  that came from an jewelry  supply store on ebay.  It was a while ago and I could not find the actual purchase in my history. If you would search  "nickel silver sheet stock" you should find some opitions. Hope this helps:)

David,  Very kind of you !

Eric,  Did not ignore you yesterday, had to check and see if the trip out to NNL was still on.  It is , look forward to seeing you again!


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On 1/22/2020 at 2:52 PM, Randy D said:

Eric,  Did not ignore you yesterday, had to check and see if the trip out to NNL was still on.  It is , look forward to seeing you again!


Fantastic!  I look forward to seeing you again... and ill bring some extra $$...  You had lots of great goodies on your table last year... I will need to get more!

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Hi Folks,

  Eric,  Really hoping to see you this time:)

Finally starting on the motor for the Tipo 61.  An inline 4 cylinder , DOHC, aluminum block and heads with twin side draft Webers.

Twin sparkplugs, dual coils, dry sump  developing 250 h.p.   Typical of the period, this little motor had a whole bunch of stuff hanging off it. Fuel pump, oil pump, generator and water pump all gear driven.

 Lots of photos from the web, one really helpful drawing and some great photos from Joel Finn's book have provided reference.












Going to build it up from 'white metal', ally, nickel silver tubing and aftermarket nuts and bolts. As an old model train guy I have alot of white metal castings that provide stock I can shape using hand files. Will assemble with epoxy and super glue.


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Sample of some white metal cast train parts used as stock...



Lots of printing out and scaling photos lets me figure out dimensions.....





 With the crazy 45 degree tilt of the motor the intake side valve cover becomes the focal point so I started there.  Lots of filing :)
















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  • Randy D changed the title to Adventures in Soldering: The Maserati BirdcageTipo 61 update Bodywork 12/17/22

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