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Has anyone Lowered the Aoshima Toyota Hilux 4WD Doublecab?

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I have just purchased the Aoshima Hilux 4WD, it is the standard 4WD one not the Raised one.


I want to turn it into a 2WD so need to lower it and obviously lose the front diff and transfer case etc. 

I thought maybe the purchase of one of the Lowrider kits and transfer the Chassis's over, then lift the suspension on the Lowrider kit chassis, bringing me to the height I am after, looking at doing it as a work "Ute".


So guys any thoughts would be appreciated.




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The rear will be relatively easy, mount the axle above the springs, and like the 1:1's notch the frame if you need to get it lower. For the front I'd remove the molded in A arms, assemble the spindles, tie rod and wheels/tires, put them on your mock-up and see if you can make some brackets to remount the upper A arms higher. If you can't get it low enough like that you will have to move the wheel mounting point on the spindles higher. The lower A arms will most likely need the slid plate removed and some brackets made to mount them to the frame.

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