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Aoshima Nissan Terrano(Pathfinder in the US)

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I have just got this kit and have a few build ideas, firstly stock to resemble one I had a few years ago, second option is to something a bit different, maybe a WW2 Japanese green with aircraft insignia, Jap red sun decals etc, some weathering which will be a first for me. Would also like to build some kind of roof rack and on top spare wheels fuel can etc.

Undecided as of yet.

Pics are firstly of one that looks like the one I had, next is box art.




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Could be an interesting looking model if done in green with aircraft markings. 

Given how these are now cheap and dying out here in NZ, it wouldn't surprise me to see one just like that around. Use the whole bonnet for a traditional Rising Sun motif, a couple of 'JDM Yo' stickers on the rear side windows, sand off 90% of the tread from the edges of the front tyres, and you're there. Fit to cruise Papamoa or West Auckland with a box of Codys.

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Hard Justin, few of the lads out to cause havoc!?

Kind of thinking a cross between a Bogan vehicle, hunting vehicle and something apocalyptic.

Although it has a broken windshield is cracked so either getting a replacement from Aoshima(if they send out replacement parts?) or using some box window type plastic.

What sort of kits do you build Justin? PM me if you want, be good to have a chinwag.

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